HETPET team, which has specialists in Pet products for over 8.5 years. It may take you a little time to read, but it’s worth it!

The owner of Petmean has been working as a Sourcing Agent for about 10 years, which helped us build a strong based on Factories Resource (We have a strong relationship with over 100 factories). And We run factories as well. We can always offer you better prices and quality for any items you need.

For our team, we have rich experience in dealing business with Factories. Furthermore, I am Chinese, and I run three factories; I know Chinese Culture and Factories Culture well. That means I can help you to get much better prices than others.

We want to introduce ourselves by quoting my client’s comment on me: When you are there, you are the factories all over China.

We also run an online store.  That helps us to offer our most professional service for you.

Anything details if needed, be free to contact us.